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We are a search engine company that dominates our competition and the competitions pitted again our clients. We are constantly evolving in sync with the Google algorithm updates and implementing industry leading tactics before others have had the chance to explore them as viable opportunities. Created in 2017, we started near the beginning of the year and hit the ground running with a drive that is unmatched. Launching a successful campaign to get you the rankings in the search results you deserve and need is our primary objective. Ascendship Internet Media is a leader in SEO today with intentions to stay ahead of the curve always.

5 Tips for Businesses

We wanted to share a few tips for businesses to help them get started. You should find some value in these tips, although they won’t be a total solution for driving traffic to your website, they are a great start.

  1. Make Sure you have more positive reviews than your competitors. Every time a client says something great, direct them to your social page where they can leave a review, reminding them that by leaving you a review they will be helping you out with your marketing efforts so you can continue to exceed at what you are already doing so well.
  2. Make sure your correct address and phone number are posted on your website. We know this may seem simple but you wouldn’t believe how many companies, either have an older phone and address or have a secondary phone number and address listed on their website. It’s important to have your best contact information on your website, available for your customers to find you and get in touch with you if they need.
  3. See that you are speaking Google’s language. Are all of your H1, H2, and H3 tags set up efficiently? Your main keywords need to be in your H1 tags and there is no substitution for this on your site. The H2 and H3 tags need to further your topic on the page.
  4. Follow examples of site structure being carried out by professionals in your industry. If your competition has a site that is ranking and they are using well-written headlines, don’t be afraid to use a similar one on your page.
  5. Create some videos and put them on youtube. Anyone can be a video producer these days, and although you won’t be able to make the next avengers film on your iPhone, you can put a video up on your page you filmed. This will not only help your page, as Google loves their own content (youtube) but also will give your clients a chance to see the face behind the business.

Although these tips probably won’t get you ranked first for your main keywords, they are all great techniques for helping your site grow and flourish in today’s competitive market. If you want further help in getting your website to the top position for your keyword, contact us, and we can get started right away, helping you reach your potential clients.

Ninja Search Engine Optimization

The real ninja SEO techniques are right here, on the back end of this website and if you want us to work with you to help you achieve top results contact us right away. Don’t leave your marketing efforts to amateurs, just like you wouldn’t trust any hack to perform surgery on you, neither should you trust an amateur in SEO to help you grow your business. Your business is one of the most important things you will do in your life and you should take great care in who you align yourself with. We take great pride in the clients and professionals we have helped out in marketing and if you’d like to see a few of the folks we have been assistance to check out our testimonials page where you can real business owners like yourself who have benefited from our expertise.