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We increase your visibility in the search engine results page for your targeted search terms. When your ideal customers search for your services you will have the visibility you want and deserve.


Our strategies drive more customers to your business so you can see a larger growth in your customer base.


Enjoy a more abundant stream of revenue being generated by more traffic to your business.


We aren’t just world premiere SEO professionals. We also continually stay ahead of the algorithmic updates by belonging to mastermind groups that include the best SEOs. This gives us and you an unfair advantage over the competition.


Signing up for our professional services includes monthly reports to keep you up to date on your rankings and relevant changes we see coming.


Contracts shouldn’t exist only to force you into working with a company that’s not delivering results. Our month to month contracts give you the peace of mind to make the right decision.
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Choosing the right SEO company for your business is more important than your think. You must be careful about who you choose to work with, time is always working against you and your intention to be visible in search results for your targeted keywords. These keywords are the very words that your potential clients are keying into the search engines looking for the solutions you have and every time someone does a search that doesn’t show your company, your competition gets their business. When you aren’t ranked high enough in the search results, you are literally losing money to your competition.

Are you the owner or manager of a small to medium sized business? Are you ready to leverage cutting edge search engine optimization techniques to your benefit? In order to make the process easier, follow these guidelines for choosing a professional, affordable, efficient candidate.

Your SEO agency will be responsible for increasing the number of visitors to your site, but as we illustrate with this simple example, not all visitors are the same. You are interested in the right folks finding your company based on the keywords they search for, if you sell ice cream, you want someone who searches for “ice cream shop” to find your store. When ranking your site for the correct keywords, the primary consideration must be ensuring that visitors to your site are actively seeking out your services or products, this will lead to higher conversion for your services or product.

Also, those visitors looking for ice cream cones want to find a good local company to fulfill their needs. Perhaps you have the best ice cream cones in the world, but if you are in Boston and someone in Phoenix is looking, that won’t do much for you or your prospective client.

How the keywords are optimized for your site is an integral part of how the search engine spiders crawl and rank your pages. This directly affects how well a consumer will be able to find you. At Ascendship Internet Media, we analyze your content, optimize your keywords and even suggest alternatives. All this information will be made available to you in a detailed report, which will show how the correct keywords will increase traffic.

On-page ranking factors like keywords are only part of the equation for a site that ranks and banks. You need quality backlinks for your search engine optimization to be a success. Your SEO company will work on developing linking strategies that have proven to be of high importance to the search engines. As with keywords, a detailed report will also be made of the linking structures you currently have in place with exact ways of how to improve upon these.

Finding a company that understands the total picture is essential. When you start out working with a professional search engine optimization team, they will show you how they will increase your visibility in the search engines. The strategies they employ will direct more targeted consumers to your products and services. This approach will directly lead to growth in your revenues and profits.

If your website isn’t on page 1 of Google, then your competition is taking your potential customers and your income. If you are a local company, selling and delivering products to local people and you are still wondering why you need SEO, the short answer is the internet along with smartphones have directly replaced the phone book in many homes and people are shifting their research to online search engines. We are a search engine optimization agency based in the Boston area. Contact us directly to get started today.


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Immediately upon meeting Chris you will know he is the real deal. If you have the opportunity to work with him, go for it. Businesses are being created and expanded at unprecedented rates. Chris alters companies. – Robbie Vaughan

Market Place Domination

Want to totally dominate your marketplace? Call Chris. He knows SEO inside and out and puts 110% of himself into getting incredible results for all his clients. In short, he walks his talk and it shows. – Carlos Hartley

Best Practices

Chris Santos is a professional marketer who employs the best practices when optimizing a clients site. He understands the necessity of employing proper techniques for your website’s optimization. Without hesitation I recommend him to get your company the results you are looking for. – Meg Gordan


Chris Santos is excellent at driving traffic to websites using current SEO techniques. He is consistent and reliable and I highly recommend him. – Kurt Murray

High Return on Investment

Chris Santos is a knowledgeable marketer, who understands just how essential a high ROI is when spending money on increasing web exposure. Be assured when you work with him you will find that your marketing dollars have been well spent. – Kevin Statom






We take a different approach than most “SEO Agencies”. First, we handle everything in-house. Your account isn’t handed off to a junior level intern who cuts his teeth on your site. You shouldn’t have to pay someone to learn SEO. You should pay someone to get results. Additionally, we don’t outsource the work. Countless times I have had clients approach me after their site was ruined by overseas SEOs. They have either wasted their time or money or even worse, their site was penalized by Google.

Google likes to see trusted websites with power linking to your site. This connection moves your site to the top of Google and keeps it there. In 2016, businesses paid Google $59 Billion, that’s billion with a “B” to advertise their sites. What happens when you stop paying Google for advertisement? Your site is no long featured in the ad section of the search results. Our SEO uses lasting techniques that add value to your internet presence. Stop giving Google an endless amount of money for AdWords when you can get lasting results from long term SEO.

If you have a local Boston area business then it is time to work with the best SEO consultant specializing in search engine marketing. Remember if your website isn’t at the top of Google, then you are rapidly losing revenue.




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